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Flip Of The Day #15: Saved By The Bell CD

Flip Of The Day #15: Saved By The Bell CD

I picked up this Saved By The Bell CD at a yard sale on a SUNDAY (just another example of good stuff still being there on the second day). I didn't bother scanning the barcode because it was CHEAP and I had NEVER seen this CD before.

I scanned it later on to see that it sells for $30-$50 on eBay (and even more on Amazon).

There are FOUR LESSONS from this FLIP example:

  1. Don't assume that all of the 'good stuff' will be gone if you aren't at a sale first things in the morning.
  2. Look for things that stand out because you've never seen them before.
  3. When stuff is super cheap, just buy it and look it up later.
  4. Scan barcodes if you're unsure and if you have time.

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