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Flip Of The Day #20: Tiltall Tripod

Flip Of The Day #20: Tiltall Tripod

The BIG LESSON from today's Flip Of The Day video is how to choose what items to spent time looking up online (keywords, model numbers, etc.) and which ones to not bother with.

Look for things that stand out as HIGH QUALITY. Things made of METAL vs. PLASTIC or things that are HEAVY vs. LIGHT.

I was at an estate sale and there were seven or eight tripods on a table. I don't know a lot about tripods specifically, but I know that there are PREMIUM, high-quality versions of pretty much everything. I also know that the CHEAPIE versions of things are LESS LIKELY to be able to be resold for a profit.

So when you have LIMITED TIME to look up items, train yourself to look for the HIGHER QUALITY items because they will have a better chance of being valuable enough to flip online for a profit. Make sense?