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Flip Of The Day #22: Cicena 80s Neon Phone

Flip Of The Day #22: Cicena 80s Neon Phone

I picked up this AWESOME 80s neon phone from a company called Cicena at a yard sale for just $1.

Turns out, this phone needs more than just a regular phone jack; it also needs a separate power cord. At the time, I didn't realize this and just bought it because it was only $1.

So what did I do? I actually thought about throwing it away and not spending time on it, but I decided to track down a power cord and when I tried it, IT LIT UP!

So now my $1 phone will be listed on eBay for over $100:

So the lesson for today is to track down missing pieces or parts of VALUABLE items to see if you can make the items COMPLETE so that you can sell them on eBay. Notice I said VALUABLE items. Don't waste time on cheapie just with this strategy.