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It's a WEEK-A KEEPA! Day 2/5: How RECENTLY has an item SOLD on Amazon?

It's a WEEK-A KEEPA! Day 2/5: How RECENTLY has an item SOLD on Amazon?

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For Day Two of the Week-A Keepa, I want to show you how to read Sales Ranks from a Keepa graph to see how RECENTLY an item has SOLD on Amazon.

Why is this important? Well, if you don't know how to read a Keepa graph, you can easily MISINTERPRET the data and that can lead you to make BAD buying decisions.

Here is an example of a book that has a RECENT SALE (18 days ago at the time of this screen capture):

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That DROP in Sales Rank (RED down arrow at 3/18/23) indicates a SALE.

BEFORE the SALE, the Sales Rank was pretty high: 4,928,463. A Sales Rank this high would usually make a book a PASS because it would indicate that it has NOT SOLD in a LONG TIME.

But after ONE SALE, the Sales Rank jumped all the way to 817,115.

(Remember, the sales history of this book has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHEN YOU SCANNED THE BARCODE. If you scanned it on 3/17/23, you would see almost 5 million for Sales Rank. If you scanned it one day later, you would see a Sales Rank around 800,000.)

With the information provided in a single scan, the ONLY thing that you KNOW about this book is that it has SOLD RECENTLY.

That ONE RECENT SALE might be the most recent sale of an item that has been selling consistently for many years.



To get a better understanding of the SALES HISTORY of this book, you have to look back at the historical Sales Rank shown in a Keepa graph.

Look at the image again. You can trace the Sales Rank all the way back to November of 2021 to see the previous sale. That's OVER A YEAR between sales (476 days to be exact).

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If this was a one-off, long-tail book with a HIGH SALES PRICE, you might consider picking it up and waiting for a sale to come in. Maybe there are no other sellers or you could be the ONLY FBA offer. If the book was CHEAP, this might be the right move.

But maybe the book is truly OUTDATED or its buy price is high enough to not make it worth the risk.

Remember, even with all of the data available to you from Amazon and Keepa, YOU still have to make a BUYING DECISION.

So learn everything that you can about Sales Rank as well as how to READ and INTERPRET Keepa graphs so that you can make GOOD buying decisions!

A simple Keepa graph (like the one in this email) can provide SO MUCH VALUABLE INFO (but only if you know how to read it).

More about Keepa TOMORROW!

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