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It's a WEEK-A KEEPA! Day 3/5: One HUGE thing that affects Sales Rank

It's a WEEK-A KEEPA! Day 3/5: One HUGE thing that affects Sales Rank

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For Day Three of the Week-A Keepa, I want to show you something that affects Sales Rank that most Amazon sellers completely overlook.

When I teach people about scanning books and reading the pricing and sales data, there is one piece of data that gets shown separately.

IS AMAZON SELLING THE ITEM?  (And if so, for how much?)

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But isn't Amazon 'just another seller'? Sorta, but also NO.

It's been my long-time experience that, when given the opportunity, Amazon customers PREFER to order DIRECTLY FROM AMAZON (even at a price HIGHER that from other sellers).

So if YOU want to sell on Amazon, you either have to be able to COMPETE with Amazon or sell items that Amazon is NOT selling.

As a general rule, it is often a BAD IDEA to try to compete directly with Amazon, especially on price alone.

Why? Because Amazon is committed to giving their customers the lowest price possible and will often sell items AT A LOSS in order to be that 'lowest price'.

This is NOT a game that I want to play (and I'm guessing neither do you).

Don't worry, I have some GOOD NEWS! Using Sales Ranks and Keepa graphs, you can see IF and WHEN Amazon goes OUT OF STOCK on items!

You can also see what happens to SALES when Amazon goes in and out of stock by looking at what happens to the Sales Rank.

Here is a Keepa graph and you can see how the Sales Rank reflects an INCREASE in SALES when Amazon comes BACK IN STOCK.

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And when Amazon goes OUT OF STOCK, the Sales Rank RISES, reflecting FEWER SALES (or even NO SALES).

You can use this information to make BUYING and PRICING decisions.

If Amazon is having trouble keeping an item in stock, you can sometimes step in and get sales, even at a price HIGHER than Amazon (when Amazon is in stock, of course).

Or you can see that while Amazon USED to sell an item, they NO LONGER sell that item (so you won't have to worry about them coming back in stock at all).

A simple Keepa graph (like the one in this email) can provide SO MUCH VALUABLE INFO (but only if you know how to read it).

More about Keepa TOMORROW!

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